Peter Finn

DECEMBER 2011. FINN PARTNERS WAS BORN. After 11 years serving as co-CEO of an historic agency that carried my father’s name— and mine!—and after 30+ years of working at the firm, I wanted to build something different, bold, meaningful and amazing for clients, our colleagues and the community. "Amazing" was, and is, for me an important word. I imagined we could be "amazing" every day, knowing this is a goal not always achieved but always pursued. A place where talented people could gather and do big things for clients as well as make a difference to the communities important to us.

WE LAUNCHED WITH A GROUP WHO SHARED A VISION. This was to be a "new" agency model, driven by a collaborative spirit. We asked, "Can we bind our 60-year legacy to the energy and speed of today’s hi-tech world?" We had $18 million in fees at our founding. Seven short years later in 2018, we have close to $80 million in fees, 600 colleagues and 16 offices. Our Founding Managing Partners, highly respected colleagues who took the leap with me from our former agency, have been joined by the principals of other great agencies that became Finn Partner companies. So many other talented individuals are with us, too, intrigued by the idea of doing amazing things in an amazing workplace community.

WE’VE MADE OUR MARK QUICKLY. Finn Partners has been named “Best New Agency,” “Best PR Agency to Work for in North America” and“Best Mid-Sized Agency of the Year” three times. Now, we’re one of the world’s largest agencies.

WE ARE A YOUNG AGENCY. We share the genes of a respected agency that pioneered today’s integrated communications. But we are not them. We are unique. We are ourselves. We are focused on the future, building that future during each amazing day.

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