Waitrose, Work Overview


The Goal

The Goal

Waitrose - The Goal
  • Generate Coverage

    To generate widespread national, consumer and online coverage ahead of the peak Christmas period.

The Strategy

The Strategy

Waitrose - The Plan
  • Identify to Key National Media

    Identify potential feature and news angles and issue under embargo to key national media.

The Execution

The Execution

Waitrose - The Execution
  • Utilise relationships to generate interest

    Utilised relationships with key consumer news and features contacts to generate interest
  • Ensure there was enough time to digest the report

    To ensure there was enough time to digest the report – it was sold in two weeks prior to its launch under embargo
  • On the day of the launch

    On the day of launch a mailer was sent to key contacts to further excite them with products to highlight the trends
  • An event to celebrate the launch of the document

    An event took place to celebrate the launch of the document. The party is also an opportunity to engage with key contacts to further sell in the report and also seek out other opportunities

The Results

The Results

6 National print pieces & 15 online titles

56 Total Pieces of coverage to-date

New Waitrose.com visitors via the report +92%

911k Estimated Coverage Views

84 Average Domain Authority. 14,421,340 Reached

Almost 3,000 people viewed the report. -+102% YOY

Waitrose - The Results

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